Investment Management

At Granite Coast we have a dedicated investment committee which meets once a month to continue to provide our clients with a comprehensive investment management service.
Our experienced and qualified investment managers are continually striving to find the best fund managers for our portfolios.
Our range of model portfolios provide clients with an investment solution which can be used within many pension, ISA, investment bonds and other investment products.
Each portfolio is defined by its weighting in each asset class; cash, fixed interest & bonds, absolute return, property, UK equities and global equities.
Risk is designed to provide growth, but this comes coupled with volatility.  Defensive assets are designed to reduce risk, which in turn reduces volatility.
We have a mix of active and tracker investments, which substantially reduces the costs of our client portfolios.
We also have a range of ethical model portfolios.  For more information on ethical investing, please click here.
Benefits of investing in Granite Coast Portfolios are:
  • Potential improvement in returns
  • Cost conscious investment strategy
  • Management of risk
  • Transparent investment plan and costs
  • Active management
  • Quarterly updates and rebalances
  • Strategies designed for growth, income or a combination of the two
To discuss investing in one of our portfolios, please contact us.