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About us

We have over fifty years’ experience, providing reliable, dependable financial advice.


Our underlying principle is to give you straightforward, jargon-free information, which is clear and unambiguous. The objective is always to make you richer than you are now, in a controlled manner, without unreasonable risks.


We listen. We tailor our advice to your needs. We work to understand your tax position, income preferences and investment style. We put together a plan. If you approve the plan, we will implement and monitor it.


The real skill is in the communication between us. We think we do that well, and thankfully our clients do too.


We are a niche business and intend to stay that way. We have built the business by looking after people personally and this is not going to change. Many clients have been with us for decades.

We can help with financial planning for:


  • Your pension and retirement income

  • Maximising the return on your savings

  • Arranging your affairs to reduce tax

  • Protecting you and your family against the unexpected

  • Providing for the potential requirements of long term care

  • Investing for your children or grandchildren